Professional Athletic-style Training

Each workout session utilizes the latest in advanced training techniques used by professional athletes. These are not fitness fads or hyped routines, but tested, proven methods that deliver real results. With scientific progressions and an emphasis on proper technique and duration, the Olympian Fitness program is designed to challenge individuals at all fitness levels.

Outdoor Sessions – The parks and beaches of Manhattan and Hermosa offer the perfect setting for early morning sessions that challenge the body and mind. Besides boosting physical effort, the beauty and serenity of the beach cities’ outdoors encourage optimism and overall well being, making each session the ideal beginning to a new day.

Group Support - Group sessions provide individuals the support that is vital to successful training. The “team” approach Olympian Fitness creates increases dedication, effort, and progress. The friendships and encouragement generated by the team make group training more enjoyable and effective than training alone.

Personal Attention - Owner and coach Jeff Atkinson works one-on-one with individuals throughout each session helping them to maintain focus and attain personal goals. He also makes himself available at non-class times for discussion or to answer questions.

Fun Atmosphere - Serious training doesn’t mean serious people. Olympian Fitness sessions have an atmosphere of camaraderie and joviality that fosters positive mental attitudes while maintaining focus on fitness goals and techniques. The result is a positive training environment that improves effort, perseverance, and accomplishment.

Noticeable Results - Olympian Fitness uses before and after photos, weigh-ins, and body fat tests to help you track your progress. After just six weeks of training you will see real, measurable results in your fitness and overall performance.


“The whole point is enjoying yourself.”

The mission of Olympian Fitness is to enable participants to reach their peak in performance and lifestyle. Our program strives to train individuals in the complete fitness of athletes, which goes beyond physical fitness. The perseverance, consistency, and strength developed in training sessions influence all areas of life and promote a lifestyle that is fun, gratifying, and filled with personal accomplishment.